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Summit Scholars

Summit Scholars: Different Experiences. Experience Different.

Summit Scholars saves you thousands of dollars on higher education. Take on-line and in-class courses and receive your bachelor's degree in three years with less than average debt. Enjoy the flexibility to work, volunteer in the community, and pursue internships.

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Different Experiences. Experience Different.

Today's high school seniors face a dilemma: a quality education or cheaper tuition. With the costs of traditional higher education continually increasing, pursuing a college degree grows ever more challenging.

The Summit and Grace College have teamed up to launch Summit Scholars, the emerging solution to the problem of higher education. Beginning in the fall of 2014, students can be one of 50 Summit Scholars who participate in redefining education with this innovative program.

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Our Majors

Graduate in three years with a Grace College degree in one of our three fields of study. Choose among these majors:

Learn more about Summit Scholars majors at

Cohort Learning

Experience Cohort Learning. Develop lasting friendships with classmates throughout the three-year program. Each cohort will move through the program together, providing opportunities to develop long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Form connections with professors and experts in your field as you establish vital networks.

Residential Weeks

Experience Residential Weeks!  Begin each fall, spring and summer semester with a residential week at The Summit campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The residencies offer engaging experiences with professionals and other Summit Scholars in immersive classes. Build community through campus experiences and enhance your education through hands-on learning and service projects.

Stay in one of our retreat center's suite-style rooms during each residency. Each suite is equipped with a kitchenette, microwave, and mini-fridge. Each two-bedroom suite has one private bathroom, and the three-bedroom suites have two private bathrooms.

Graduate in 3 Years, Debt-Free!

Our highly selective Summit Scholars program is only available to 50 students. Get your Bachelor's Degree in three years without the bondage of debt.  With our Summit Scholars scholarship, merit scholarships, federal and state grants, and the flexibility to work, Summit Scholars can graduate with little or no debt. Pursue your education without worrying about the obligations of a traditional undergraduate degree.

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In the battle of cost vs. a quality higher education, Summit Scholars provides the answer. Fifty students will receive renewable, three-year $5,000 Summit Scholars Scholarships, provided by Ambassador Enterprises. Some merit-based scholarships will be available as well. Now students and families can participate in an enjoyable educational experience without the traditional financial burden.

Blended Delivery Education

The blended learning model includes online class terms and one week at The Summit campus each semester. Blended delivery allows student to choose what they learn, receive a three-year bachelor's degree, and enjoy the flexibility to balance studies and work, and pursue internships and volunteer opportunities.  Learn more at

Quality Local Education

Stay close to home and pursue an affordable quality local education. Earning a degree is now easier and more accessible with this excellent academic program from Grace College. Save on tuition and enjoy the comforts of home without losing the challenge of a high-quality education. Talk with our staff today to find out more about our Summit Scholars program in 2014.

Learning Environment

Welcome to innovation learning environments!  Our Ideation Labs are great places to Experience Education in a whole new way.  Write on the tables and walls in our state-of-the-art Ideation Lab! Bring learning to life with technology that allows you to explore subject matter on a deeper level. Discover how an interactive and immersive education can create a unique, learning experience that is right for you.

Global Study Tours

Enhance your Summit Scholars of Grace College education  with overseas experiences. With opportunities to participate in Global Study Tours during the program, students can travel to several countries, experience cultural differences, and expand career opportunities. Future leaders are better prepared for tomorrow's challenges by exploring and understanding different cultures.

Student Life

Take advantage of our fitness center and outdoor campus.

  • Play basketball or volleyball
  • Enjoy a workout in our fully-equipped, 24 hour, weight and cardio fitness center
  • Play soccer or football on our athletic field

Our newly finished Student Life Center is vibrant with modern furniture and  recreational games including: ping pong, pool, foosball, and video games providing plenty of options to kick back and relax with friends.  We also feature group study areas with write-on tables and walls.

Experience Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana, and offers diverse entertainment, cultural, and educational options. This thriving city provides several avenues for engaging in the community and starting a career. With Summit Scholars in the heart of Fort Wayne you can enhance your education through the many opportunities this city has to offer.

Experience the Next Step!

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Limited spaces are available for Summit Scholars in 2014. However, we're still accepting applications!

Meet Grace College's admission requirements by

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